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What operating system do I need to run SALONBase?

SALONBase will run on any computer with an operating system running Windows XP - Vista or Windows 7 / 8 and Windows 10. Even the most modest of today's computers will be more than adequate to run SALONBase. Most computers built in the last 10 years are capable of running our software. SALONBase is designed as a stand alone application, with everything included to be up and running in around 20 mins. SALONBase does not need an internet connection to work - however you will need an internet connection to use the SMS messaging built in to our software , you will also need an account with Bulk SMS.

My country—My currency—My tax

SALONBase will work in every English speaking country. The currency that SALONBase uses is set by your own computer in regional settings (this currency will then be displayed on the sales ticket and gift vouchers that SALONBase produces) We have incorporated 3 sales tax bands which you can rename to suit your country and adjust the tax rates accordingly.

Where can I get help from?

SALONBase has been designed for installation by salons installing a computer normally for the first time. With this in mind we have a simple set up procedure that involves nothing more than following plain language instructions. We want you to find SALONBase easy to install, easy to use and a great time saver for you. With your purchase of SALONBase you will get 60 days free telephone support. After this we offer an optional an annual yearly option. We provide support 24 /7 /365.

How long can I use SALONBase for ?

You can use SALONBase for as long as you wish. The 'Forever' licence is as it suggests forever. Once you have paid for SALONBase there are no further renewals - contracts or payments. The SALONBase forever licence has the advantage that you move SALONBase to another PC without having to purchase again.

I'm not sure what computer system to install?

The quick answer to this is phone us for advice before you buy. Some businesses spend more money than they maybe need when buying a computer. SALONBase will run on an entry level PC, you will not see much difference in performance when using SALONBase between an entry level PC and a top of the range PC. Please note if you intend to use your PC for other applications such as CAD design or graphics then this might require you to use a PC with a higher specification. FAQ's Hardware

Can you visit my premises and install everything?

If you are purchasing our software thru a BASETrack Partner then they will be able to not only to install the system, but should you need any accessories such as bar code scanners, touch screen monitors etc, a BASETrack Partner is ideally placed to provide you with exactly your requirements.

Can I supply my own computer system?

Yes you can. We are happy to advise you on this. Alternatively a BASETrack Partner can provide professional guidance.

What printer and cash draw do I need?

SALONBase is designed to use a thermal POS printer such as Star TSP100 which uses 80mm wide paper for the sales tickets- reward point records and gift vouchers and normal blank A4 or Letter size paper for other reports. The huge advantage of using the Star POS printer is that it allows you to connect the cash draw straight into the printer, its also very quite and inexpensive to run. FAQ's Hardware

What is an additional user licence?

You will need an additional user licence or licences if you intend to network SALONBase within your own premises where the main copy of SALONBase has been installed. If you wish to take the SALONBase data home with you and work on it at another location then you will also need another user licence. SALONBase can be configured for a LAN server / workstation. - see next question below.

Can I network SALONBase ?

Yes, SALONBase can be networked either when you first start using SALONBase or if your circumstances change in the future. To network you will first need your PC's to be able to communicate between each other - typically via what is called a 'mapped network drive'. Once you have this in place its then a matter of pushing a few buttons (yes its that simple!) and following our written instructions. Of course if you need help then we can assist you.

Multi Branch Networking

If you are considering a multi branch version then you will need to ensure that you have one central PC that is running at Windows Server 2008 R2. You will also need a static IP address for this PC. If none of this is making sense please don't worry because we can provide all the help and assistance you need to set up your multi branch system. Find out more

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