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Client details
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The Client Details screen records all the information about your individual clients. It gives your staff quick and easy access to the information they’ll need to make your clients feel at home – which is an essential part of running any successful and profitable business.

The client’s usual stylist is recorded here, along with details of their last visit including the date, and which member of staff took care of them.

Information about your client’s appointment history can be accessed from this screen as well as other useful information such as your client’s preferred appointment times, or any allergies they may have to certain products. You can even record whether they prefer coffee with sugar, or tea without.

Clients can be searched for by surname, postal code, or reference number - and any Client can be found within five seconds …so the next time they phone the salon, all their details are on-screen and ready to hand.

Diary with unlimited stylists (this can be changed to Tanning Beds or Booth)
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Using a computerised diary system - maybe one of the most difficult decisions for a salon to make. But not anymore - we've designed our diary around the typical paper diary - that everybody is familiar with - its so easy - make - move - cancel appointments with the click of the mouse.

Your stylists can be viewed either by 'all week to view' or select a stylist and view for the next 7 days. You can send immediate email confirmation with follow up reminders later. SMS reminders can also be sent immediately - when the client is still on the phone to you.

You can select your own colour range for vacant appointments - filled appointments - arrived and departed appointments and those in progress. Each Stylist can have their own lunch break time, start and finish times and you can schedule holidays either per Stylist or if the business is closed holidays such as bank holidays.

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The appointment status is then automatically updated to give you a clear picture of the client history. A client with a poor ‘no show’ record or clients that persistently cancel are clearly shown.

You can rename the 'Stylist' to be a tanning booth or bed - you can make an appointment for 'anything' it does not need to be a person.

Sales Tickets: can be created from the diary meaning that you can select the appointment details, and from there access the sales ticket. From this screen you can input any services and items you have provided, and take payment.

Sales ticket
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After receiving treatments, your customers will usually wait at the reception desk while their sales ticket is completed. With very little training, any member of staff will have the confidence to create a sales ticket in seconds. By using intuitive on-screen buttons, keyed in a logical order, this important part of your customer service is very straight forward.

SALONBase even includes a ‘Client loyalty points system’ that allows you to allocate reward points for both your ‘services’ and ‘product sales’. Points are normally redeemed using SALONBase’s in built gift voucher feature.

Sales ticket data can be exported to Sage Line 50 as can payment amounts.

Sale tickets and payments can also be accessed via the diary, so need to find a client first, if you are using the diary just click on the appointment time.

Gift vouchers
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SALONBase is equipped with its own Gift Voucher facility, which can be used in the conventional way; allowing customers to purchase vouchers that can then be handed to another person to redeem at your salon. You'll also be able to convert your customers' Reward Points to Gift vouchers.

You can even use the Gift Voucher function to target customers you haven't seen for a while by simply sending them a low-value voucher to entice them into the salon (remember that the gift voucher doesn't cost you anything until they use it – and by then, your customer is back in the salon buying treatments and products!) Used either way, the Gift Voucher function can increase revenue and enhance a professional appearance.

Payments Screen
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You can accept multiple payments for each sales ticket allowing for your Client to pay using maybe a salon voucher plus another form of payment. The form of payments that your salons take are pre set by you, so you can be as detailed as you like.

At the end of the working day the system will work out what you should have in your till and divide this up into the forms of payment you have taken, so reconciling your days takings has never been easier.

Reward Points
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Reward Points can be given to your Clients for product sales and any services bought by them. Initially, you will set the number of points you'd like to award for each product or service, and then set how much each point is worth. You can then even set certain days that will attract double points, or whatever multiple you have chosen. This is a great feature, as it entices Clients into the salon on days that you might be less busy, i.e. double point days or Mondays. The Reward Points system is already incorporated into the system so it's ready to use if you want to.

Discount days
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No matter how successful your business becomes, there are always going to be days that are quieter than others. SALONBase has a feature that allows you to give Clients percentage discounts on the days that you choose. The percentage discount can be used for either ‘services’ or ‘product sales’, or both. You can promote these discount days by adding a ‘promo’ statement to your Client’s sales tickets, or by adding it to your website, which is also advertised on the Client’s sales ticket.

SMS (text) messaging
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Keeping your clients informed with relevant information about your salon is an important part of your Client-relationship management — and SALONBase is equipped with an SMS function to fulfil this role. SMS messages can be sent to all your database contacts or specific groups, such as Clients with birthday's approaching, or those that use a certain stylist, or clients that haven't used the salon for a while. Used correctly, this function will increase your profits and improve business performance.

SALONBase comes with 2 options for SMS applications, however you can incorporate another application if you prefer. As with all SMS applications you will need to pre-pay for the messages you intend to send.

Mailshot Campaign Manager by SMS - Email or Letter
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Sending information to clients has never been more important than it is today, and within SALONBase you can create both Email and SMS lists to keep in contact with clients. SALONBase also features a conventional mailshot facility allowing you to send standard letters to your Clients (thats the old fashion way with a stamp on it!). The mailshot facility is easy to use, with letters quickly constructed by entering the contents into pre-set paragraph boxes. The purpose of the mailshot facility is similar to the SMS function and you can choose intended recipients based upon their status, history, or buying activity. When using the email lists SALONBase will produce, we recommend software such as SendBlaster which provide software to professional deliver your emails.

Style gallery
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This feature allows you to capture and record your Clients' ever-changing styles – of course, you will need a digital camera or good smartphone to do this. Once the image has been taken it can be stored on the system so that you can easily refer back to it. You also have the option to add the images to the Salon's own style gallery (you must of course ask the client if they agree to this), and use it to show other clients style ideas and examples of work you'd done.

The system is able to print the image your Client wants a picture of. Whether you want to charge for this service is up to you.

Stock ControL
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Whether you want to use the full stock control system or not, SALONBase gives you the opportunity to group your product by ‘brand’ then by ‘product type’, so finding and adding products to a sales ticket is both easy, accurate, and fast. You can enter an optional description of the product with a direct link to a web address for that product if you wish.


Adding products to a sales ticket using SALONBase is both intuitive for your staff and reduces the risk of mistakes being made.

From an administrators’ point of view all products sales can be monitored and each product can be tracked back to the sales ticket it was sold to – this is all done automatically without the need for any intervention by the user. Reports can be created daily by the push of one button to show all product sales on any given day. An easy to use Salon Management system

SALONBase can be used by a bar code scanner



An easy to use Salon Management system

Beauty salon management system is the Salon management System of choice

Salon management made easy with salon management system.

An easy to use Salon Management system

If you are running a salon and looking for effective salon management system, Salonbase - the complete salon management system is what you need.

Intuitive screens and ease-of-use make SALONBase a real choice for your Salon management system. Our easy to use salon

management software can be incorporated into your business with ease. Please read more about some of these features below.

SALONBase has been designed to be used with a touch screen monitor if you have one- but don't worry if you don't, it's still easy to use with a normal keyboard and mouse.

Beauty Salon Management software made easy