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Multi Branch SALONBase

If you have a group of salons and keeping control of each branch is important - then SALONBase has the solution. Our multi branch SALONBase will allow you to control and view all branches from a central point. Its a great management tool which will oversee your complete group business.

Share your SALONBase data between branches

You will have access to all the important information from each branch:

Multi branch pricing:

As an example, if you where to have a 3 branch licence you would need to purchase the SALONBase Pro Management system first, then you would purchase 2 additional branch licences. Please also see PC Requirements for multi branch software as this does differ from a normal LAN network.

Stock control

View all products and review stock levels at each branch. You can print reports of products sold at each branch... down to which sales ticket they were sold to.

Branch Compare

Compare each branch with reports detailing all group income - down to branch level and to which sales ticket items and services were sold to.


You can switch to view a branch diary.

Sales tickets

Sales tickets are generated as a group (as is the sales tax).

Client Details

You can turn a function on that will only show client 'Surnames' from the local branch - this can be very handy if you don't wish to view clients from another branch - however they can still be found by way of post / zip code or unique ref no -so if a client might use another branch then their details are all available

Mailshot and Email Manager

These can be sent from a central point and don't have to be sent from the local branch

Within the Branch Version you can do all the things you can do the normal single location application

PC Requirements for Mulitbranch Server

The PC requirements for the Multi Branch do differ from what is required for the normal SALONBase installation (the software is the same only the PC requirements different). On the central PC (typically called the server)you will need to have Windows Server 2008 R2 or later. You will also need to have a fixed IP (Static) address on this computer. You will also need to have an INTERNET connection at the central PC as well as the 'branch' workstations. Branch workstations can have either standard Window 7 or 8

We can provide only general help and guidance in getting your multi- branch system up and running.... however you are likely to need an IT person who specializes in Windows Server 2008 R2 or later

Support & Upgrades

Multi- Branch


If you have a group of salons and keeping control of each branch is important - then SALONBase has the solution. Learn More [+]