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1. What is the minimum PC specification that will run SALONBase

Any PC build in the last 10 years is almost certainly capable of running SALONBase. The difference in speed to gain access to your data is only nominal between a top end PC and more mid level system.

2. What printer do I need

To make use of all the benefits of SALONBase you would use a thermal 'point of sale' printer for your customers till receipt, gift vouchers, point rewards printer outs, and a normal printer for functions found in the managers area for commission reports payments etc. Ideally this should be a colour printer especially if you want to use the 'Style Gallery'. It is however possible to use SALONBase without a printer or just an ordinary printer.

3. Do I need a cash drawer

No you don't, however you need somewhere to put all your money! The cash drawer is an economic way of achieving both a certain amount of security ( it has a lock on it) and a place to put your money. Most can be programmed to open when you print a receipt or gift voucher

4. I want to use my PC for graphics and photo editing as well

If you need to use your PC for heavy design work or running several 'memory' hungry programs at once, then you might need to consider getting a higher spec PC depending on what you want to do. Having said that most of today's PC come with a high specification to start with. If in doubt call us for advice.

5. Do I really need a touch screen monitor

The honest answer is Yes - they look great and SALONBase has been designed to work with a touch screen. You should seriously consider using a touch screen monitor if your reception desk area is limited. You will still need a keyboard but most of the everyday tasks have been designed for a touch screen and are achieved by simply touching the screen.

However SALONBase can and will work with a normal monitor if you prefer

6. Do I need a bar code scanner

No you don't. You can still add products by using the manual entry screen which sorts products by brand and category. However by using a bar code scanner it does allow slightly quicker entry of your retail products so if you sell a lot of products then its worth considering. If you have any intention of using a bar code scanner with our software at any time in the future then when you enter products names you should use the bar code number as the product ID- this means that if you change to a bar code scanner later - you've already set your products up.

7. Multi Branch version of SALONBase

If you are considering a multi branch version then you will need to ensure that you have one central PC that is running Windows Server 2008 R2 or later . You will also need a static IP address for this PC. If none of this is making sense please don't worry because we can provide all the help and assistance you need to set up your multi branch system

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